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About Us

Company Profile

Minerala is well-known for its extensive variety of precious and semi-precious stones, beads, pearls, rough materials, unique mineral-related art, and jewelry-making supplies.
Ever since Minerala was founded on 1961 by Rami and Edna Cohen, it has been supplying the world with quality gemstones sourced from 6 continents.

The company prides itself on precision processing and finishing, as well as expert appraisals and consulting on gemstones and mining sources.

Expert Reputation
As a pioneer in the industry, Minerala discovers fresh gemstone sources, invents new uses for stones, and introduces unique gems to the market. Minerala professionals develop new shapes, cuts and finishes—setting design trends and meeting the demands of the dynamic and competitive jewelry industry.

Over the past 5 decades, Minerala has built a reputation for reliability, integrity, and expertise—qualities that have solidified long-term customer relationships. The company consistently sources the quantities in the quality grades needed, which enables Minerala customers to build their jewelry product lines with the confidence that they have a reliable supplier for quality materials.

What else has placed Minerala at the forefront of the market? A strong foundation of global partnerships with mining sources, suppliers and distributors; application of innovative technology to the trade; and one of the most varied product collections worldwide.

Minerala's Customers base
Among Minerala's customers at the local market are:

  • Israel's largest jewelry manufacturers. Large portion of these customer's products are then exported to the entire globe and been sold at the most known jewelry retailers world wide.
  • Israel's best jewelry designers.
  • Israel's largest retailers and jewelry shop chains.

Minerala exports gems and Jewelry worldwide form many years now. In the course of time, Minerala's position in the global gemstone market have greatly expanded thanks to strong relationships that were forged with major jewelry manufacturers and dealers all over the world. Our largest international markets are Europe, USA and Australia.

Commitment to Customers
Minerala supplies large-scale jewelry manufacturers, boutique jewelry designers, and prominent jewelry retailers throughout the world (U.S, Europe, Australia, Asia and Oceania).

At Minerala, customer satisfaction is the highest priority; customers trust Minerala to provide quality products and expert services at highly competitive prices. In an industry with huge ranges in quality, Minerala meets and exceeds customer expectations by providing the best product value for the money.

Minerala is a member of the Israeli Jewelry Manufacturing Association (IJMA) and the Israeli Chamber Of Commerce.

Management Team
The Minerala team boasts expert lapidaries, gemologists, stone processors, gem source professionals, and creative jewelry designers.

Rami Cohen, CEO
Rami's artistic spirit and great love for nature led him to semi-precious stone crafting. In 1963, following in the footsteps of his ancestors in the jewelry-making industry, Rami, along with his father, opened a workshop for polishing and setting Eilat stones. Over the years Rami has became a sought-after expert and consultant on stone qualities, mining sources, and cutting techniques.

Today Rami is a world class expert for semiprecious stones with 49 years of experience.

Edna Cohen
Edna joined the business in 1967. Her Middle-Eastern heritage, creativity, and flair for fashion have given her a unique eye for international design. She is a master in the art and science of pearl cultivation, selection, and jewelry-making. 

Today Edna runs a retail store, offering the private sector premium quality of elegant jewelry. Visitors to the Minerala Tel Aviv showroom and retail store will appreciate the diversity and quality of the products that Edna has chosen to showcase.

Over the last 49 years, Rami and Edna expanded their business to include processing and supplying precious and semi-precious stones. They have explored the world in search of unique, quality gemstones for jewelry, special collections, and crafting.

Alon Cohen - Sales and Business Development Manager
Alon finished his BA studies in "Accounting and Management" in 2001 and graduated his MBA studies in Business management specialized in finance in 2006. His hobbies are basketball, stock market and cycling.

Alon joined the family company in 1998 and since then has developed new Minerala product lines, introduced innovative products and services to the international market, and established partnerships with mine owners, international distributors and designers.


Address: 53 Allenby st., Tel-Aviv, Israel | Telephone: +972-3-6215100 | Fax: +972-3-6200017 

Open Hours: Sun. - Thurs. 09:00 - 18:00, Fri. 10:00 - 14:00